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Open dolly fishing

Open dolly fishing

Open dolly fishing

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    Open dolly fishing
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    Drift away
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    Vchale Novel
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2022-07-11 01:51:28
In reality, Su Mo, an ordinary female college student, was pulled into the copy world one day. She thought she would go home directly after completing the task, but the system turned on the dolls mode, and copies came one by one< Br> in the world of hunting and being hunted, players gradually find that they are farther and farther away from reality. In the years of being lost, they can't help but ask a deep question: who am I? Where am I from< Br> facing the danger of being wiped out at any time, Su Mo never thought that people's potential was infinite. Today, she developed the survival zone and tomorrow, she developed the art zone. Now she finds that she is also a semi versatile talent. After experiencing the near death despair, Sumer also has a set of his own survival rules, the soldiers will block, water and earth cover. Then put a long line in the doll like copy and catch a big fish< Br> script purpose: natural selection, survival of the fittest! Try to adapt to the world and become the protagonist!

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