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The beginning laid the starting point

The beginning laid the starting point

The beginning laid the starting point

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    The beginning laid the starting point
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    AI Yunkai
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Troubled times__ Orphans and widows can be bullied, not to mention the widowed mother and daughter of the Chen family who are guarding millions of family resources Miss Chen wants to survive in troubled times and protect her family for this reason, she became a politician involved in political affairs - hidden behind the treacherous officialdom, he split many thorns and embarked on the road of enriching the country and strengthening the people. The state of Chu, which was short of national strength, gradually became stronger because of her secret promotion - when the person she helped reached the peak, she said to her affectionately: I don't want to experience the loneliness above the peak alone. Will you accompany me Chen Chen's eyes trembled in her heart the boss is discharged again the man in front of him is elegant and handsome, and his eyes are as gentle as water sin! What a charming mind Chen Chen's sweetheart began to lose steam. He had tried his best to get out of the control of his mind, and finally fell "Your Highness, the wind is strong at the top of the peak. I'm afraid it will cool my heart." "I'm not afraid. This peak only blows your warm breeze."

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