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Become the most cute cub in the infinite field

Become the most cute cub in the infinite field

Become the most cute cub in the infinite field

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    Become the most cute cub in the infinite field
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    Enchanting designs and colors
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2023-03-13 00:01:43
Rest station site report: shocked!!! Is it moral decay or something else? 4.5 billion old people employ child labor on site feedback from the reincarnation gate: sooner or later, the world consciousness pill and the conditions for screening defenders have been lowered again and again. The threshold of 12-year-old cubs is not as high as that of this gate when the thick fog comes, it annihilates the hope of life. Only the doors of reincarnation float in the air. When the defenders step into the door, they will be greeted by places of death the youngest maintainer in history holds a teddy bear, like a flower fairy who accidentally entered the terrorist world, waiting for the unknown in the dark, grinning with sharp teeth, and said to her: Welcome maintainer c-bld1 to the death field of XXXXXXXX. Have a good time tips for reading: 1. The style of writing is scary and relaxed. The female owner has a hanging, not indifference or the virgin 2. If there is a bug in some plots, please help put it forward. The author will try his best to fix the text. If it doesn't come back, I suggest you don't look blindly 3. Typos are the same as above, and harmonious words do not count 4. If you don't like it, please break up with the author in silence. Don't deliberately say something that makes the author misunderstand you can stay. If you can't be a friend, don't be an enemy 5. If you judge maliciously, you will be forbidden!!!

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