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Food in the Song Dynasty

Food in the Song Dynasty

Food in the Song Dynasty

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    Food in the Song Dynasty
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    Ancient quinoa
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    Woske Novel
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2022-06-13 00:00:56
A thunder fire burned a small coffin shop in the north of the city to ashes the little owner Wen Shu wants to cry without tears, but when he is disappointed, he accidentally pulls out an iron box from the ashes with the accidental opening of the box, the magnificent and legendary mountain and sea world was displayed one by one in front of her a few months later, a small tea hut was quietly built next to the land temple outside the city. No one noticed at first, but it attracted the attention of the whole city in less than half a month let's see how Wen Shu, a young and counselled opera fan, can make a fortune by using Shanhai opera........ there have been millions of friends who are interested in nongmen Fuyi. You can watch it step by step during the fattening period.

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