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Lord, we don t know each other well

Lord, we don t know each other well

Lord, we don t know each other well

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    Lord, we don t know each other well
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    Le Xiaoyin
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    Hot Read
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2022-12-04 13:48:33
In ancient times, it was overhead, self-cultivation, double rebirth, and one-on-one men and women were physically and mentally clean he joined the army as a young man and made great achievements in war. He is the only prince who has been granted the king it is said that his legs are bad at walking. He is cold, evil and cruel by nature it is said that he has a penchant for breaking his sleeves, and no woman is close within three feet she is a doctor, practicing medicine to save people, doing good deeds and accumulating virtue, but she doesn't want to be calculated by her relatives. A marriage of Li daitaojiang makes her meet him. However, her feelings are not deep and shallow, and she will die and disappear in one day after rebirth, he is still the legendary him. He is still indifferent and cold in front of people. After people, all his deep feelings are only given to her. He vowed to renew his leadership she is her, not her. It's an opportunity for her to enter the path of cultivation. Then she just wants to abandon her previous life and start a new life however, he has been pestering her - "madam, I'm not feeling well for my husband. Please give me your pulse." - "Lord, we don't know each other well. Please respect yourself."

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