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I draw cards in the escape game

I draw cards in the escape game

I draw cards in the escape game

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    I draw cards in the escape game
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    Winter song baa
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    365 Books
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2023-03-10 21:35:04
[infinite flow, no CP female subject] "welcome to the God's life and death trial. Leaving alive is the only thing you need to do." Fang Muge is pulled into the escape game and must pass through countless strange copies: 1. [brave in the game console]: the princess has been kidnapped by a dragon. As a brave person, you are on the way to rescue the princess. Oh, sorry, the owner of the game console is about to close the game. You're dying 2. [would you like a cup of milk tea]: the delicious Gulu milk tea, would you like a cup? What, drink the spider? Congratulations, you won the grand prize 3. [earning millions a month]: I have a job earning millions a month. Do you need it? What is the monetary unit of one million? Of course it's a million Ming coins, hee hee facing all kinds of difficulties, Fang pastoral said don't be afraid. Draw a card first and calm down there are all kinds of props in the card: 1. [answer coin]: no matter what problem, the answer must be correct 2. [painting chalk]: things painted have a chance to come true 3. [spicy hot pot]: an attack weapon that can not only rinse food materials, but also rinse people.

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