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He knows nothing about my financial resources

He knows nothing about my financial resources

He knows nothing about my financial resources

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    He knows nothing about my financial resources
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    Mute horn
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    Day Books
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2023-02-04 01:42:29
Tao Fanyu became rich in ten years and returned home in prosperity. He saw his hometown brother poor in patched clothes. He took care of the fruit trees of a mountain from morning to night, facing the Loess and back to the sky She clenched her fist and decided to overturn all her financial resources and cultivate him into a rich second generation without touching the spring water one day, Tao Fanyu took her brother on a trip to an old friend's private island so that he could adapt to the life of the rich but who told her that the handsome boy in yellow underpants, standing on the beach and handing out leaflets, was so like her brother my brother is going to go to college. Tao Fanyu plans to donate several teaching buildings... my brother has no choice but: sister, you are too bad at home, so you can't get married, alas! I will try my best to make money and give you an old-age pension in the future. " although he was moved to tears, Tao Fanyu still gave his brother a big chestnut later, Tao Fanyu took a man home. After chatting with him all night, he quietly told her that this man can't do it and has no money to support you Tao Fanyu: brother! You know nothing about my finances.

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