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Extreme survival in the second girl game

Extreme survival in the second girl game

Extreme survival in the second girl game

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    Extreme survival in the second girl game
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    Little transparent hidden summer
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    Vchale Novel
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2023-02-12 21:06:15
[calm and calm player x sick Jiao crazy batch game bug with a bullet screen machine] "congratulations to player Xiang Ningning, who has obtained the experience qualification of B-girl game simulator." I am full of the belief that as long as Xiang Ningning is in love with the man in the game, he will die within ten minutes of entering the game Xiang Ningning:? Are you polite the first game: put a big palm around Xiang Ning's soft waist. There was a waltz in his ear, "Ning Ning, you can only be killed by me." it seemed to be an intimate whisper between lovers. He leaned down so that there was no unnecessary distance between them "Mr. Wei, you?" the man in his arms could not move, and his voice seemed to be a little alarmed "my name is Wei Ji." a dagger was suddenly inserted into his chest, "next time, call my name." the second game: a man leaning on his bed is very delicate. "Such a weak man is definitely not him." Xiang Ningning carefully evaluated and got an unreliable conclusion "Ningning, be good." she didn't shed tears of regret until she was pressed and poured on the bed and swallowed the poison "hmm? What are you talking about?" "don't get close to a man, it will become unfortunate!" Xiang Ningning's death methods are different. The only constant is that the man who killed her has always been that man "Miss Xiang, you are very interesting." Wei Ji's eyes are full of tenderness, but the stabbing hand is not relaxed. "I can only kill you." "next time, I will send you away myself." Xiang Ningning's tone is calm. She looks at the man's interested eyes and slightly reminds the corners of her mouth "then, wait and see."