Old School Rally – Beta Demo

Old School Rally is a good old fashioned Colin McRae Rally style arcade racing game, complete with crunchy retro visuals and moderately legally distinct classic rally vehicles.

The rally racing gameplay in Old School Rally is very much like 90s classics Sega Rally, Colin McRae Rally and V-Rally. The demo features three drivable vehicles, and three tracks (Australia, Finland and Sweden) playable in Time … Read More

The Henchmen – Beta Sign Up

The Henchmen is a crime-filled top-down open world action game inspired by Hotline Miami and the classic Grand Theft Auto games.

Taking place in the crime-riddled street of 90s New Queens, The Henchmen will see you driving, shooting and fighting your way through an epic crime spree. It will be playable in single-player and local co-op and will see you embarking on missions as you … Read More

WINCH IT OUT – Beta Demo

WINCH IT OUT is an off-road driving game that makes Happy Wheels-style physics-based driving a whole lot more complex and fun!

The 2D obstacle course racing gameplay in WINCH IT OUT is similar to Happy Wheels, but it’s not a simple gas-and-go game. Firstly you’ll need to manually change gears by dragging the gear stick with the mouse (low gear for uphill, highgear … Read More

What The Car? – Beta Demo

What The Car? is a wonderfully absurd racing game where your car has pretty much everything BUT wheels.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up, What The Car? is a new game from the creators of What The Golf?. In the game you take control of cars that seem to think that wheels are just for squares, and use … Read More