The Henchmen – Beta Sign Up

The Henchmen is a crime-filled top-down open world action game inspired by Hotline Miami and the classic Grand Theft Auto games.

Taking place in the crime-riddled street of 90s New Queens, The Henchmen will see you driving, shooting and fighting your way through an epic crime spree. It will be playable in single-player and local co-op and will see you embarking on missions as you … Read More

GladMort – Kickstarter Demo (Neo Geo)

GladMort is a brand new Neo Geo game that draws inspiration from Ghouls ‘n Ghosts where an evil black knight sets out to rid the land of an even worse evil.

Coming to Neo Geo, Deamcast and PC (and others depending on the Kickstarter success), GladMort is a good old fashioned side scrolling action platformer inspired by Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, Ghosts ‘n Goblins and Magician Read More

WRECK – Alpha Demo

WRECK is a brutal voxel-based FPS where you can destroy anything in the game and blast enemies through walls.

In WRECK you’re an agent who is sent out on missions to eliminate targets. The game plays a little like a first person Hotline Miami, with fast-paced gameplay and non-reloading guns. The hook is the voxel-based environmental destruction though – you can punch or shoot … Read More

Nautical Survival – Beta Demo

Nautical Survival features a novel blend of sailing, Survivor-like auto-shooting and strategy as you pilot a little boat in deadly waters.

In Nautical Survival you control a little boat as it fends off waves of oceanic terrors. You sail around and the ship auto-shoots at enemies and you level up and earn upgrades as in any Survivor-like. However, there are also islands peppered around the … Read More