Mirthwood – Beta Demo

Mirthwood is a sandbox RPG life sim game set in an immersive mediaeval fantasy world where you can set out on adventures or just stay home and tend to your homestead.

In the enchanting open world of Mirthwood players have plenty of freedom to do what they like. Among other things, you can become a farmer, a trader, an artist or an adventurer. You’ll be … Read More

CRETE – Alpha Playtest

CRETE is a third-person biopunk action game with roguelike elements, where you harvest DNA from god-like humanoids and use it to create powerful weapons.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago, CRETE takes place on an alien planet that’s home to the Ancestors (similar to the Engineers in Prometheus). The Ancestors want to exterminate you so obviously you fight back and you’ll use … Read More

Sinus – Beta Demo

Sinus is a cyberpunk roguelite action RPG where you can capture your enemies and turn them into powerful allies.

In Sinus you will travel to different planets where you will fight enemies, hack robots, collect loot and find new crew members. Each of these crew members are playable, have unique skills and have their own backstory and reasons for putting an end to SINUS, humanity’s … Read More