The King Is Watching – Beta Demo

The King Is Watching is a clever roguelite city-building game where you only have the energy to activate a few of your structures at once, so you need to learn to prioritize.

In The King Is Watching you have a 4×4 grid which represents your kingdom and you can build different structures in it (farms, windmills, mines, barracks, etc). These come in handy for gathering … Read More

Technotopia – Open Beta

Technotopia is a card-based roguelike city-builder where you attempt to build a utopian metropolis that balances the power of four different factions.

In Technotopia you are tasked with using a deck of cards to build a vast metropolis made up of residential districts, skyscrapers, parks and highways. As you build you’ll also encounter different events which require you to make important decisions that will affect … Read More

Idle Colony – Open Beta

Idle Colony is a minimalistic idle game where you attempt to help a civilization of semi-intelligent creatures toss fruit into a giant wok.

In Idle Colony you will buy and upgrade houses, fruit trees, multipliers and lots of other things as you attempt to amass a ridiculous amount of fruit in a giant wok. You draw supply chains and your tireless little creatures follow them … Read More