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Forgetting in the Jianghu

Forgetting in the Jianghu

Forgetting in the Jianghu

Rating: 9 / 10 from 1654 ratings
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    Forgetting in the Jianghu
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    Fish PK
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    Happy Read
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2022-07-13 23:39:31
[release proof text upon request]: I am original, and the content is published by the original author. "painter Luo Zhi, please give me more advice" copy 1: the position of painter Luo Zhi has always been mysterious, and coincidentally, Luo Zhi is one of them< Br> but in her generation, she is the only one left< Br> being a leader in the industry is also the last person in the industry Luo Zhi's foundation is not bad< Br> she has subdued demons again and again. Originally, her life has been shaped< Br> the demon queen who has been sealed was released in Mengpo village< Br> while her life has changed, she also knows what she didn't know about the last three worlds war copy 2: as a martial god, Yu Xiang was arranged in the heaven during the rebellion in the demon world< Br> captured the demon princess, saved the black dragon, rewarded the moon when nothing happened, and felt uncomfortable eating cakes< Br> but< Br> the ambition of the demon clan is hard to hide, and God's love can't save anyone< Br> she chose to sacrifice herself< Br> 1. The protagonist doesn't cultivate immortality, and the supporting actor doesn't cultivate immortality 2. The dog's blood is careful 3. The essay is revised irregularly 4. The protagonist is at ease in his career. He doesn't have a love brain. He will dig a hole and fill in 5. The cover is being made, and I don't know what it will look like. 6. The day shift, because he is busy, the update time is set in the afternoon, but it won't

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