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After killing teachers and preaching, we ushered in the crematorium

After killing teachers and preaching, we ushered in the crematorium

After killing teachers and preaching, we ushered in the crematorium

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    After killing teachers and preaching, we ushered in the crematorium
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    Ben meow is the most cute
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    Qishi Book
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2023-02-02 13:42:39
One day, elder Lin Xian of Xiyao sect dreamed that she had received a highly qualified apprentice. She raised the apprentice like cabbage, loosened the soil, watered, fertilized and exterminated the insects, and raised the cabbage white, tender and tender. However, she didn't know which step went wrong. She was killed by the cabbage she raised herself Lin Xian: "?" as soon as he woke up, the leader led a skinny young man to her, "look, little eight, senior brother has taken an apprentice for you." Lin Xian looked at the face similar to the cabbage in his dream, fell into meditation, and finally came to the conclusion: my life is over Lin Xian can't raise cabbage, let alone the little white eyed wolf, but the little white eyed wolf seems to be under her name at first, Lin Xian wanted to struggle and lead his apprentice to the direction of a modest gentleman. The effect was very little. The little white eyed wolf still called her teacher with the eyes of bullying her teacher and destroying her ancestors every day Lin Xian thought that in this case, when the big one was abandoned, she would open the small one, so she accepted the second, third,..., and ninth disciples - after Xi and Immortal King Pei Lizhi rose, the nine division Lord Lin Xian, who died under his sword, became the object of spitting by all three circles Lin Xian was once a respected elder of Xiyao Zongde and a teacher of peilizhi Pei Lizhi is the first person to kill teachers and preach he has become a great myth in the world, but Lin Xian has become a person with human face, beast heart and full of evil one of Pei Lizhi opened his eyes and found himself standing at the foot of the mountain of Xiaoyao sect. One of the people nearby couldn't suppress his excited voice: "it's said that the Lord of the ninth Division will accept disciples this year..." Pei Lizhi: "... he thought it would be the same in this life. Lin Xian's honey tongued villain would treat him as before and win his trust and respect, Then he was trapped in a land of eternal doom however, he watched Lin Xian take in one apprentice after another and treated them as meticulously as peilizhi did before Pei Lizhi is finally jealous.

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