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Xianzu, she s reborn

Xianzu, she s reborn

Xianzu, she s reborn

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    Xianzu, she s reborn
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    Crisp little bell
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2023-03-30 10:06:48
Ten thousand years ago, in the earth shaking World War I between the fairy world and the source of darkness, Ji MengYue, the ancestor of the fairy world, died in honor. His disciple Shen Yi was in a critical moment. He achieved great miraculous skills and built the highest sword. He defeated the source forces of darkness and turmoil at one fell swoop, saved all people in the world from water and fire, and inherited the position of a new fairy ten thousand years later, in an unknown bamboo forest, Ji MengYue woke up unexpectedly. Although she remembered everything in her previous life, she had no accomplishments. And the spirit root is sealed and cannot practice... Ji MengYue feels very unwilling she had a grudge and failed to repay it she is confused and unsolved the way she pursues has not been fully mastered yet... but she was reborn in a body that can't be cultivated, which makes the immortal statue who has been calm for tens of thousands of years no longer angry therefore, Ji MengYue abandoned her indifference and started at the bottom, climbing up with her limbs step by step... without CP, this book is handed down: the Shinto of robbery is supreme. The two books are the same system, and the stories are related.

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