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His golden age is white moonlight

His golden age is white moonlight

His golden age is white moonlight

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    His golden age is white moonlight
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    Gu Jiuling
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    Books Shop
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2022-10-15 20:01:47
[small paste coffee in the entertainment circle vs the devil in the e-sports circle] professional player shengshiyu was killed in the live broadcast, which caused a sensation in the e-sports circle Shuiyou grills the identity of Zhongdan on the opposite side worship the moonlight for nothing isn't this... the little transparent ID in the entertainment industry that night, Sheng Shiyu wrote to Bai Jinnian on her microblog and wanted to have a solo with her Bai Jinnian trembled. He opened wechat and played videos to his brother madly, but he didn't want to miss the opportunity to communicate with the great God stand on the game Solo... at the end of the game, look at the white moonlight killed in the first few minutes... in the prime of time, Yu Yu is lost in thought... [overhead background, all characters have no original shape, and the rules of the game are also pinched by hand, only limited to Ben Xiao, thank you] PS: 1v1 Shuangjie sweet pet text, no crossing, no rebirth, no system, Do not enter unless you like.

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